We are a ZERO profit fan base! We do not get paid nor do we use any money for personal use. All donations STRICTLY go into keeping our fan base active and to always better our content. This includes payments to keep the website up, keep our domain name, and to subscribe to better platforms such as FERAL HOSTING and Google Drive to hold our videos. All donations are greatly appreciated but NEVER required. We want ONCEs to enjoy our content to the best quality!

We repeat that all money strictly goes to maintaining the servers and the site! Donors can contact us for inquiries!

Here is an outline where the money will go:

  • Website hosting subscription

  • Keeping the domain name (

  • Subscription to FERALHOSTING for server 1 and torrent

  • Subscription to Google Drive business suite

  • Website upgrades and tools like (e.g. search bar etc)

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All donations are kindly appreciated and will put into good use, Thank you for the warm support and we will keep working hard!

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